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OK Drilling Services L.P. offers a comprehensive Health and Safety program for it’s customers and employees. OK understands that workers’ safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We provide training and the necessary tools to produce professional quality customer service with a safe approach.

We use a new in-house training center that provides hands on training and a web based portal called SafetySync®. These provide us with the opportunity for better communication to all our team members and an above average comprehensible training.

In order for a company to ensure worker safety, it must invest time, money, energy and the effort to do so. This approach does not come without the effort of our valued employees. OK offers an open door philosophy to its workers; this allows our employees to have a pro-active leadership voice.

This combination is the winning recipe for a successful, thriving oil and gas service company.
Mullen Group

OK DRILLING SERVICES is a Mullen Group Ltd. limited partnership