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OK Drilling Services L.P. strives to be the preferred service provider of the oil and gas industry. By maintaining internal employee training and equipment manufacturing, OK has developed employees and equipment capable of offering complete rathole drilling, surface hole drilling and piling services anywhere in western Canada.

Employing approximately 15 full-time employees, OK actively operates throughout western Canada. In response to our customer’s needs, our units are licensed in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and we maintain WCB and tax accounts allowing us unhampered entry into all provinces west of Ontario. In an industry where our employees are our competitive advantage, safety is paramount in all operations. A comprehensive safety and loss control program which includes alcohol and drug testing has been in place for a number of years. OK Drilling Services maintains an Occupational Health and Safety “Partnership Certificate of Recognition”.

Mullen Group

OK DRILLING SERVICES is a Mullen Group Ltd. limited partnership